From NFTs to CBDCs, crypto should sort out compliance earlier than regulators do By Cointelegraph

Every year that we get a bit of additional away from Satoshi Nakomoto’s whitepaper, crypto turns into extra common than ever, breaking extra limitations — not simply in sheer enthusiasm, however in mainstream acceptance. From nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to the Metaverse, 2021 was the 12 months of crypto, even following a decade the place nearly each different 12 months may make the identical declare.

Regardless of that peak enthusiasm and pleasure although, we shouldn’t be blind to the truth that there are nonetheless elementary points that should be solved earlier than crypto actually turns into the dominant “coin of the realm” throughout the globe, together with the spine of the following industrial revolution. Prime amongst these points are Anti-Cash Laundering (AML), Know Your Buyer (KYC) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) protections that guarantee crypto stays a accountable and secure funds possibility with out overregulation.

Jonathan Camilleri Bowman is the CEO of Sekuritance, a multi-dimensional RegTech ecosystem delivering compliance, regulatory transaction monitoring and identification administration to people and enterprise firms.